Alumni Association of Gdynia Bilingual High School No. 3 (SAGT) is a non-profit organisation that unites and supports students and alumni of III LO w Gdyni im. Marynarki Wojennej RP, which was the first high school in Poland that offered bilingual education and International Baccalaureate programme. Nowadays, alumni of the school are graduates of top-rank universities in Poland and abroad, run their own companies, occupy important positions in business and academia. Also, many alumni developed close friendships that last many years after high school graduation and they keep in touch despite being dispersed around the world. The goal of the association is to facilitate communication among the alumni, support their initiatives, as well as to provide help and advice to the current students of the school. SAGT is the first such initiative in Poland.

Officially, the SAGT was founded in December 2012 by a group of eleven good friends from the school times, who graduated from the high school in 2005 and 2006. On 25 December 2012, founding of the association was announced during the yearly alumni reunion in Sopot. The headmaster of the school Wiesław Kossakowski was the special guest of the event.

Establishing of the association was only a formalisation of the alumni integration. Already after the first months after the graduation graduates from various years have organised informal meetings and have jointly undertaken business and scientific initiatives. Over the years, there was a need to create an organisation that unites alumni, also those who did not have the opportunity to meet at school.

SAGT organises alumni meetings, information meetings with alumni for students, promotes achievements and activities of alumni and students, provides mentoring for students and young alumni and fosters information exchange among alumni. The most honorable activity of the association is the scholarship from the alumni awarded to students of the high school.